Model 1201CC High Security Shredder NSA Listed

This high security shredder reduces particles to 1mm x 4mm or smaller and is listed on NSA/CSS 02-01 Evaluated Products List for high security paper shredders. The system also meets DIN 32757 Level 6 or DIN 66399 Level P-7 standards.

Many experts believe that the random particles generated by this shredder are considerably more difficult to reconstruct than the uniform particles of other NSA/CSS 02-01 high security shredders. For even more security the 1201CC features a unique particle distribution wheel that continuously disperses particles creating mixed waste with no particle groupings further hindering reconstruction attempts.

It also incorporates many green features including:
Energy Savings Mode – ESM shuts shredder off when not in use for prolonged periods, drawing no electrical power.
1.5 HP motor requiring only a standard 115V/15 AMP power outlet.
Lifetime Cutting Head Lubrication – Requires no additional oiling.
Insulated Motor and Cabinet – Super quiet operation.
Integrated fan press – Distributes waste evenly resulting in fewer bag changes. Mixes shredded particle for even greater security.